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The Hong Kong Utility Research Centre (HKURC) is a non-profit making organization primarily established to promote and advance the knowledge and practice of the underground utility management for the betterment of Hong Kong people. Apart from undertaking researches itself, it also facilitates the exchange of knowledge and practice with other professional or research bodies on underground utility management. It also promotes the development and enhancement of the role of the underground utility survey profession in the community. The ultimate aims are to cooperate and confer with, or otherwise assist and advise, Government departments, universities, colleges and other public or private bodies or corporations in the Utility Survey Industry.

Over the past years, accidents related to utility installations happened and caused losses of lives, properties and money. Apart from some isolated inevitable external factors, many of the accidents might have been prevented or the scale reduced by having sufficient and readily available information of the underground world and better training of the persons involved in the planning, construction, maintenance and emergency rescuing of utility installations. I strongly believe that the setting up of HKURC can be a breakthrough and far-reaching project in Hong Kong which could help to relieve or down-size the problems and damages resulting from improper planning, construction, maintenance and emergency rescue of underground utility installations. Our goal is to enhance the living standard of Hong Kong people.

The HKURC's mission is to be the major research centre in Hong Kong to perform on-going wide-ranging utilities studies for the well being of the general public. I am confident that the HKURC will play an important role for the long term benefits of Hong Kong in the future.

Ir Dr Prof William CG Ko (高贊覺博士、教授、工程師)
Founding President
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