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The Hong Kong Utility Research Center (HKURC) ޽香港管綫管理研究中心 is a non-profit making centre registered with the Hong Kong Police Force as Society. Our Founding President is Ir Dr Prof. William C. G. Ko, SBS (高贊覺博士、教授、工程師) and Founding Vice President is Ir Damien CC Ku (古志眾工程師).
Operation Approaches
Funding for researches - HKURC will acquire funding within and outside Hong Kong from government or private bodies and initial researches with the funds. Researchers within HKURC or invited from outside will be appointed to take charge of the researches.
Periodical report will be released.
Utility Safety Index will be setup.
Funded researches - HKURC will help to match and supervise researches funded by government or other private bodies for matters related to HKURC's research interests which shall be beneficial to the fund donor and the general public.
Implementation Scheme

Within 2-3 years, HKURC is expecting to launch technical manuals (for operation and training) and specifications to be used in Hong Kong for utility related surveys and works.

Promotion will be worked towards the public, utilities, government departments, universities to convince them to adopt one common standard for utility survey and management.

To start with, a feasibility study on the costs spent and distribution on the utilities related works will be conducted within the year of 2007 - 2008.

Also, some desktop studies on utility survey methods, materials, progress of works, survey accuracy have been started by Final Year Projects of undergraduate students and Master Degree students.

In a long run, HKURC will help to setup locally available undergraduate and master degree courses on utility related surveys and management.

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