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Foundation Certificate in Conduit Condition Evaluation(CCTV Survey & MHICS)

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Foundation Certificate in Conduit Condition Evaluation

Course Objectives:


Ÿ   Classification of pipe conditions and assessment of pipe performance for drains

Ÿ   Equip participants with relevant knowledge to check the contractors’ CCTV submissions effectively


Course Contents:


·          Refer to the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC) 2004 Edition and the Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual (SRM) 2001 Edition & HKCCEC.

·            The need for and role of the classification of pipe conditions and the assessment of pipe performance for drains

·            Recognizing and coding the structural defects, service conditions and construction features

·            Typical examples of classifying pipe conditions from the photographs and videos

·           Assessment of pipe performance including determining Internal Condition Grades, Service Condition Grades and Structural

Performance Grades

·            Reporting the survey results with the use of software

·            Quality assurance of checking the CCTV submissions with demonstration examples

·            Exercise of checking the CCTV submissions


Course Schedule (Tentative)



Course Introduction

Introduction and history of Conduit Condition Evaluation

Requirements of CCTV surveys & operations

CCTV survey codes

CCTV survey forms

CCTV Grading

Computerized Reporting System

Coding training

Quality Assurance of Checking Report Submission +

Exercise of checking report submission (with sample reports and videos for exercise)

Tricks of CCTV Survey



Course Application Form

Enquiry: Ms Tracy Chu

Tel: 2690 3899


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