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<October 2019>

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10/11/2012 TO 10/11/2012河源東江水源、客家文化探索之旅 
28/08/2012 TO 28/08/2012Foundation Certificate – Water Leakage Detection (WLD) Surveys for Operators, Surveyors, Engineers Utility Training Institute (UTI)
11/04/2015 TO 12/04/2015(Update)Practical Competition on Utility SafetyHKIUS; IIUS; CCPDC
17/01/2015 TO 17/01/2015Award Presentation Ceremony 
01/07/2014 TO 15/10/2014BIM Competition - Utility Safety CompetitionsHKIUS; IIUS; CCPDC
24/02/2014 TO 30/09/2014Slogan and Drawing CompetitionHKIUS; IIUS; CCPDC
26/10/2012 TO 26/10/2012中文書法比賽CCPDC
  Course Schedule
01/01/2015 TO 31/12/2015Course Schedule 2015Utility Training Institute (UTI)
22/08/2015 TO 22/08/2015【五個小孩的校長】電影欣賞會 
08/08/2015 TO 08/08/2015愛心全家幅義影 
01/08/2015 TO 01/08/2015防鉛講座 
21/03/2015 TO 21/03/2015Briefing Session (A&B) of Practical CompetitionHKIUS; IIUS; CCPDC
21/03/2015 TO 21/03/2015Briefing Session (A) of Practical CompetitionHKIUS; IIUS; CCPDC
21/03/2015 TO 21/03/2015Briefing Session (B) of Practical CompetitionHKIUS; IIUS; CCPDC
17/01/2015 TO 17/01/2015Technical SeminarHKIUS
29/11/2014 TO 29/11/2014The 2nd BIM Workshop 
25/10/2014 TO 25/10/2014Utility Safety Competitions – BIM workshop 
27/07/2013 TO 27/07/2013Seminar : Utility Safety - "How to happens & how to prevent" 
28/07/2012 TO 08/08/2012Technical Visit to Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao BridgeCCPDC
20/07/2012 TO 20/07/2012Talk on Conduit Condition Evaluation, CCE (CCTV & ME)HKIUS
  Foundation Certificate
06/04/2015 TO 07/04/2015Foundation Certificate in Conduit Condition Evaluation(CCTV Survey & MHICS)UTI
06/09/2014 TO 06/09/2014Introduction on Utility Survey (PCL)UTI
25/06/2016 TO 31/07/2016The 5th International Congress on Utility Safety and ManagementHKIUS; IIUS; CCPDC
14/11/2014 TO 14/11/2014The 4th International Conference on Utility Management and Safety and CIUP 2014UTI
  Other Conference
31/03/2015 TO 31/03/2015MTR 11th Contractors Safety Conference and Safety AwardMTR
16/07/2015 TO 16/07/2015CCPDC 6th Anniversary DinnerHKIUS; IIUS; CCPDC
08/03/2015 TO 08/03/2015建造業大聯盟「反拉布」大遊行 
14/02/2015 TO 14/02/2015新春家居大掃除 (三) 
07/02/2015 TO 07/02/2015利是封燈籠工作坊HKIUS; IIUS; CCPDC
19/12/2014 TO 19/12/2014Christmas BBQ PartyHKIUS
19/12/2014 TO 19/12/2014手工藝班 
19/12/2014 TO 31/01/2015招募義工 
19/12/2014 TO 31/01/2015學生進步獎 
05/09/2014 TO 13/09/2014中秋佳節有奬猜燈謎遊戲CCPDC
16/08/2014 TO 16/08/2014Opening of Water Leakage Mediation CenterCCPDC
15/09/2012 TO 15/09/2012Talk on Oversea StudyCCPDC
  Professional Certificate
13/04/2015 TO 19/04/2015Professional Certificate of Conduit Condition Evaluation (CCTV Survey & MHICS)UTI
22/09/2014 TO 26/09/2014Professional Certificate for Comprehensive Utility SurveyUTI
  Safety Course
07/10/2017 TO 14/10/20172017-10-07 & 14 Safety Training Course for Competent Person of Confined Spaces Operation) 
01/04/2015 TO 01/04/2015Mandatory Basic Safety Training (Green Card) Approved by Labor Dept. Utility Training Institute (UTI)
24/01/2015 TO 24/01/2015Certified Workers of Confined Spaces Training Utility Training Institute
24/01/2015 TO 24/07/2015Course Report on Certified Workers of Confined SpacesUtility Training Institute
26/04/2014 TO 26/04/2014Super Star Talk_Becoming an Enchanting BossUtility Training Institute (UTI)
16/05/2019 TO 10/06/2019Online Voting - Coloring Competition 
16/05/2019 TO 10/06/2019Online Voting - Drawing Competition 
16/05/2019 TO 10/06/2019Online Voting - Slogan Competition 
16/05/2019 TO 10/06/2019Online Voting - Writing Competition 
04/09/2012 TO 08/09/2012Infinite Opportunities with Finite ElementsHKU
29/09/2012 TO 29/09/2012綠色城市MSDI
25/08/2012 TO 25/08/2012Talk on Manhole Internal Condition Survey (MHICS)HKIUS