About Us

CCPDC (The Community & Construction Professionals’ Development Centre as well as Continuous Professional Development Centre社區、建造及工程專業發展中心) is established by the commitment of some professionals in the construction and engineering related industries. CCPDC is a non-profit making organization in which surplus generated by CCPDC will be deployed in its operation, further development and industrial promotion.

Seeing the need to have an integrated centre as exchange platform for views, venues for talks, seminars, trainings and social enterprise mentorship, CCPDC was soft launched on 2nd March, 2010 and officiated by Mr. Kenneth Chen, JP together with Ir SS Lee, GBS, JP, Ir Christopher To, Mr. Tony Yu, Ir Spencer Li, Prof. XL Ding, Mr. Zico Kwok and Ir Dr. King Wong.

CCPDC is also associated with and/or supported by local government departments, universities, research institutes, professional bodies, etc.

To cope with the increasing need, a new centre will be opened in due course. The new centre, conveniently located in the town will be opened soonest with a total floor area of around 5,000 sq.feet.

The new centre will be housed with conference room, seminar rooms, classrooms, operation centre, library and small business centre for social enterprises.

At the meantime, the CCPDC will also encourage relevant application for researches so as to improve the current status of the professionals in the industries.

To make the center self-sustained, the venue will organize events, lease out to associated organizations at a cost sharing base.


CCPDC (Community& Construction Professionals' Development Centre, also known as Continuing Professional Development Centre) is a non-profit making organization aiming to help the professional development of the construction and engineering related industries.

Our vision, mission, aims and objectives clearly show what and how we want to help.

More details about us may be found in this and other related websites.


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