Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists, HKIUS


Introduction of HKIUS 香港管綫專業學會簡介
Utility surveys have not been paid enough attention in the past. On 23 July, 1994, a disaster landslip happened in Kwun Lung Lau (the Kwun Lung Lau Event) in the Western Area in Hong KongIsland and that Professor Morgenstern lead an Investigation to find out the cause of the disaster. The disaster killed 3, injured some and damaged the retaining wall outside the Kwun Lung Lau Estate and a Temporary market underneath the retaining wall. In 1996, the then Works Branch of Hong Kong Government published the Code of Practice (COP) on Inspection & Maintenance of Water Carrying Services Affecting Safety of Slope signed by Ir H.S. Kwong, the former Secretary for Works (retired in 1999) and requested the slope owners to look after their properties by carrying out regular Inspection and Testing on the Water-carrying Services affecting their Slopes. The COP was revised recently with inputs from government departments (HyDCEDDBDArchSD,HDWSDDSD) and two professional institutions namely, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) and Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists (HKIUS). The new COP should be enacted within the year of 2006.The COP has been published in Nov, 2006 which was signed by Ir C.K. MAK (Permanent Sec, (works) of ETWB). 

After the Kwun Lung Lau Event, more and more surveys regarding utilities were requested by the market. It was because of not much concerns were paid to the utility surveys, only a few people understand utility survey well.

For this reason, the survey standard varies from company to company. In view of the issue, a need to establish an institute to standardize the requirements and the formats were confirmed.

In addition, the Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation, Cap406H regulated by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (
EMSD), HKSAR, was enacted on 1 April, 2002 and its COP was revised in late 2004 and came into effect on 1 October, 2005. HKIUS was a member in the revision board.

In the past few years, HKIUS has taken initiatives for discussion on utility survey, its industry and its membership issues, with 
ArchSDBDCEDDEMSDDSDHyDHDETWB (Environment, Transport and Works Bureau), EMB (Education and Manpower Bureau), LD (Labor Department), WSD, etc. A lot feedbacks were received which helped HKIUS to grow.

In addition, visits were made to mainland China, Singapore by HKIUS itself or together with other parties including 
EMSD,PolyUIVE, etc.

Over the years, HKIUS has organized and/or supported over 100 events related to utility surveys and safety including visits, seminars, workshops, training, discussions, competitions, etc.
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