In view to provide a convenient and shared platform for various construction related professional and learned society associations to exchange their views, the CCPDC will offer services to them as a cost sharing base.

Services may be provided by CCPDC include:

• To provide venue for associations to be located at one place
• To provide at cost venue for the listed associations
• To help administration works of listed associations at cost
• To help organizing events jointly
• Address registration fee of HK$1000/year
• Monthly admin fee of HK$500 for one time meeting of 2 hours and one event of 2 hours
• Other events/activities to be organized at cost quotation base

CCPDC delivers an excellent environment and links different professional associations together. Professional associations are highly welcome to join CCPDC in which basic daily office administration service will be provided based on a minimum charge.

For additional services like renting of meeting rooms, meeting minutes taking, organizing members’ activities etc, additional costs will be charged.